Having a set of accounts for your business is very beneficial; you can easily see movements in sales and what your expenses are, thus allowing you to make better financial decisions.


Our services include preparing a set of accounts for you and submitting this to HMRC and Companies House when required.

TAX &vat

If you own or run a business you will be required to submit tax returns to HMRC. We can assist you with:

  • Calculating your tax liability

  • Submitting returns online to HMRC on your behalf 

  • Representations in Tax investigations

  • Tax planning, so you and your business benefit from any tax savings



All businesses have a legal obligation to keep records of their transactions for both taxation and VAT purposes. We will provide you with tools to enable you to effectively manage your businesses' bookkeeping needs.

This includes:

  • providing training on how to use bookkeeping software

  • Conducting bookkeeping services on your behalf.


We offer a full payroll service for your business to ensure that you are fully up-to-date with payroll deductions.

The service includes periodic payroll, payslips, advising you of your HMRC obligations, performing year end processes such as employer year end returns (P35's and P11d's) and employee P14's and P60's.

BUSINESS Consulting

Our in-house Business Strategy Consultant can assist you with:

  • Identifying and determining your vision for your business and creating a  strategic plan

  • Finding opportunities to differentiate you from your competitors